Kamis, 06 Februari 2014

12 Principles of Animation

To become a good animator we must know the 12 basic principles of animation ….

1) Squash and Stretch (Pressing and bent)

Squash and stretch can make life objects or inanimate objects as if life were made, became more expressive and “lifeless”, move more realistically.
For example, bags of rice can be made as giggling, embarrassed or angry.
Or the most classic example: bouncing ball. Squash when he was on the ground, stretch before and after. Stretching although not realistic

2) Anticipation (Anticipation)

Make each movement sequence that can be enjoyed and understood by the audience. For example, if Donald Duck wanted to run fast before he would put his feet to square off, then ran.

3) Staging (Setup Motion)

Is the principle that is most common because it covers a lot of area. For example, how to present a character to be known well by the audience. Including the expression you want to show it, who wants to set up the mood, all can be well communicated to the audience when all formed in structuring clear and precise motion. For example, Minnie Mouse is a character that made her movements are always feminine in any situation.

4) Straight Ahead and Pose to Pose
Are two approaches in animation drawing. In the method of Straight Ahead, animator would draw spontaneously image after image after knowing the story point. In this method pose to pose, animators worked more planned – make images, motion, size – as early as possible, since the beginning before you start drawing.

5) Follow Through and Overlapping Action Movement (Following)

When a character in a scene stops moving, he will not stop abruptly. Required timing calculation. For example, when a long-eared Goofy stop moving (stop in place) to eat his ears will still swinging or when wearing robes, his robes still flashed when stopped. This is what the movement to follow.

6) Slow In and Slow Out
Is setting timing and staging a scene to scene. There is a movement slows in the start of something and slowed down when an object at the end of the movement.

7) Archs (Curved Construction)

It is a movement that arched. Basically almost all existing motion moves to form a curved line

8) Secondary Action Movement (boosters)

Is a movement that supports an expression or action in order to more clearly visible. Suppose A is sad KEB would rub his face to wipe the tears. It also deals with the staging (motion regulation)

9) Timing
We need to control the timing of the movement of animation, such as how fast the eye blink or the ball bounced

10) Exaggeration (Exceeding)

The meaning of “exaggerating” something is to make an image in an action becomes more convincing or funny. For example, Mickey who drove his battered car, the car shook and noisy, and the license plate number at the time of loss and turn the tires burst.

11) Solid Drawing

Is the ability to draw is good and right. In making a good image composition and look alive.

12) Appeal (attractions)

It is a quality which people can enjoy a compelling picture, nice design, communicative and has a magnet.

Sound File Format (Audio)

MP3 (MPEG Audio Player 3)
Discovered in 1992, is first compressed audio files that have good quality and small size, ie by removing the parts that sound can not be heard by the human ear. MP3 files will be mengkonfersi file to 12:1, eg size was 30 MB, so it can shrink the MP3 to 2.5 MB.

The difference with the MP3 is MP3Pro have a lower bit rate that is 64 bit.

Ogg Vorbis
These files are smaller than MP3, so saving bandwidth and storage media and have a better quality than MP3. Developed in open source by Chris Montgomery.

AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)
Ten years since the invention of the MP3, MP4 often called. Apples are the most diligent vendors use this licensed sound files. Apples are also form developer of this AAC file that can run on iTunes, QuickTime 6, iPod, and so on.

WAV (Wave)
Created by Microsoft that standard form audio files in both PC operating system, or any other game. With a standard Audio CD quality, do not be surprised if the size is large.

WMA (Windows Media Audio)
Microsoft introduced by pad on 1990, but the prestige lost with the MP3. WMA has the advantage of protecting the audio file. He can not be played or copied in vain. These files use the bit rate of 128 Kbps and not all audio players can execute it, his partner is Media Player (from Windows as well).

Inserting Ads on Google Adwords

In addition to advertising services from Sec Adpoint, there are alternatives other advertising services whose prices are relatively affordable. This service is called Adword provided by Google. This service can now be used by local businesses online.

Basically, Google Adwords is an advertising service for text; which will appear in search results on Google. The stage will need to be done to advertise on Google Adwords is as follows.

Relevant Text Ads
The first stage is to design a text that would we put on Google Adwords. Eg text ads www.bisniskaos.com example is as follows: “Facebook Shirt, T-Shirt Manchester United, and Other Cool Shirts. Wholesale Price. “Furthermore, we have to choose a variety of keywords we want. For example, bisniskaos.com choose some keywords such as: T-shirts, shirts online stores, selling shirts, design tshirt, Manchester United, Manchester United shirts, t-shirts wholesale, etc..

So when there are visitors who type the word “T-shirt store online” or “MU shirt” through Google, bisniskaos.com ad will appear along with the search results (to see how the kiosk display bisniskaos.com, please CLICK HERE). What is the text ads appear on the right side – side by side with the original search results by Google. Thus, the text ad bisniskaos.com has high relevance to what is sought by visitors Google. So the possibility of this text ad is clicked by visitors is also very high.

Even more important: a visitor clicks on the ad bisniskaos.com was most likely a high qualified visitors. This means that visitors are targeted – or visitors who do have the desire to buy a shirt. And it’s not just the visitors who stop by. Therefore, visitors from Google Adwords generally tend to have a greater likelihood to purchase products that we offer.

Pay Per Click Ads from Google Adwords
What is the price or cost of advertising on Google Adwords? From experience, the average cost per click is Rp 400, -. And good, the service Google Adwords gives kebebasarn us to determine how our advertising budget per day. For example, we set our advertising budget per day is $ 40 thousand. With the cost per click of around Rp 400; then in one day we can capture about 100 visitors to come to our online web business (Rp 40 thousand divided by USD 400). If we put a higher budget, of course we can get the number of visitors obtained.

Google AdWords is certainly one of the alternative media is that we can consider. Hopefully we can recruit high qualified web visitors to come to our online business. And then be able to capture buyers in large numbers. In the end we can get a greater profit.

Do you have ideas for new products? Become inventor

Maria Morrill is a young mother of four children who at first seems like any other New York Hispanic mother. The difference is that Maria is a serial inventor. This Dominican Puerto Rican father and an American mother has participated in more than 440 new product ideas.

One of his inventions is about to hit the shelves of major stores in the United States with the help of Quirky.com, a company dedicated to helping inventors worldwide realize their ideas become products without large capital, infrastructure or sophisticated engineers and designers.

The product invented by Maria is a clock that measures the time during which a person should brush his teeth and called Bobble BrushTimer (something like brushing timer spherical) and is equipped with a timer to mark the two minutes it takes for proper tooth brushing.

“The idea came to me because one of my children took very little time to brush and one is taking too long,”

Maria, 32 years old, is an inventor from very young because he says he would “rather stay in my room doing drawings and designs that play with the other children.” But their training is far from what we can imagine an inventor. Maria conducted Bible studies emphasizing secretariat for “to get a job,” he says.

Mary leaned Quriky.com, a company that was established in 2009 and seeks to “change the way that products reach the market,”, Tiffany Markofsky spokeswoman Quirky.com, a company based in New York City.
Quirky is a platform for creating open products where thousands of people around the world participate in the development of products. People develop your product idea and must pay a symbolic value of $ 10 and if the product is selected by a kind of global community of product development, start the development process with the help of people around the world participating in the idea from the development of a prototype to product name and marketing.

When the product hits the market and start selling the proceeds are distributed to all who participated in its development. Quirky.com have a system that determines the level of influence of each participant in the creation of a product.

Maria, for example, says he has participated in at least 440 products and so “and I get a few dollars a month that I used for gasoline and grocery shopping for my family,” .

According Markofsky, Quirky.com have 330.000 users worldwide, receives 2.000 product ideas per week and since its inception in 2009 has received 75,345 ideas. The company reaches 193 countries and has already sold 79 products.

Rise of inventors
U.S. produces thousands of inventors and inventions per year. According to the Patent and Trademark Office U.S. (USPTO.org), last year 258,000 patents were issued for new products, which represented an increase of 5.3% from the year 2011.

“This growth shows that innovation activity in the U.S. remains strong despite the economic crisis of recent years,” he told HuffPost Voices Elizabeth Dougherty, director of education inventors of the USPTO.

According to Dougherty, 80% of patents were issued to large corporations and the other 20% for small businesses and individuals.
The inventors, Dougherty says, should be alert to possible scams fake companies that can offer support for the process of turning ideas into real products. On the website of the patent office’s information devoted to possible scams and complaints before the Commission presentads federal States Trade undos (FTC).

The remote control that Harry Potter would use

Already is no longer being silly and that some will accuse me of sponsored advertising (now me I would like to live in this), but is that this gadget seems to me one of the most curious and original gadgets that have come on the market in recent times.

They just released into the Spanish market (apparently in other countries already carries certain marketed time) the URC newest since Philippe Starck dared to put a touch of art to these tackle: is a reproduction of the magic wand of Harry Potter.
As you can see in photographs, this remote control does not a miserable button. How change the channel or turn the volume down? Because like Harry Potter would do it: moving the wand.
According to the advertising, the wand (it is called Wand Kymera) can be programmed up to thirteen other controls using infrared codes and run them through thirteen gestures or movements default due to its motion sensors. Once taken out of its box and after a small phase of learning, the wand partner every move that is made to a particular function. As a result, we can handle with her all kinds of devices, from the TV to air conditioning, music equipment, multimedia hard disks, some computers and a Blu-Ray player.
Like? Since getting into the skin of the footballer Harry Potter: to raise or lower the volume of any appliance, we give you turns to the wand from left to right; to change the channel, move through the menus or open Teletext, short top touches down or from left to right; to turn off the TV or stereo, nothing better than a decided hit of wand forward back.
wand Kymera comes packaged in a curious box whose exterior has a series wanting to imitate the skin of a dragon and its interior is lined with a fabric similar to the silk brocade Chinese Golden dragons embroidered on red background.
Cheap is not precisely: its price will be around 60 euros, although if the goal we pursue is to make an original gift, we will hardly find something with this price.
It comes with complete instructions of use (that mimic an old parchment) but, I’m afraid, this will be one of its biggest drawbacks: if it is already difficult to hit the buttons to change the channel by pressing little buttons, imagine remembering the right wrist movement that run it.
Good. At least it will be fun to see the faces of the users on the remote control. Remember not to take the tongue to move the wand.

Electric car: advantages and disadvantages

Daily appear news about what seems to be the panacea of the decade we have just opened: the electric car. Much talk about it from the “highest level”, but do we really know what they are talking about? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the new technology? We will try to explain it.

To begin with, the great advantage of the electric car is, undoubtedly, energy used. The electricity is much cheaper than petroleum products and, unlike these, can be produced using renewable and “clean” energy. Separately, the car itself, produces zero emissions and almost zero noise.

I have no doubt that in the future, all cars will be thus: not polluting, noisy and cheap “feed”. But in what I have serious doubts at the time it will take to reach that future. And this am I referring to the large number of disadvantages as, to date, this technology poses.

The first, as it couldn’t be any other, is the starting price of these cars. The only car that is sold today is the Think City. This small utility (3.14 meters long) is 100% electric and its price is 30.114 euros! To make an idea, any model diesel or gasoline with similar dimensions and power does not reach to cost 10,000 euros. Assuming that electricity is totally free, to amortize this cost overrun, it would take the not inconsiderable figure of 350,000 miles, which, to an eminently urban car, are many kilometers.

And prices are not likely lower, since the following model to the sale (late this year) will be the Mitsubishi i-Miev, which is already on sale in Japan since last summer with a price that exceeds the 30,000 euros although it is very likely that when you arrive in Spain, its price is higher.

The next problem that we encounter is the autonomy of its batteries. The Think City, mentioned above, can go with full charge about 160 kilometers, to navigate the city, it is more than sufficient, but that at the moment we have to make an offset relatively short to another town, the mountains or the beach, will be insufficient.

Another drawback that we can meet you is recharging the battery, where to plug it? Only by this problem, we are eliminating 80% of potential buyers, since a large part of the population lives in multi-storey housing and free parking space. It is essential, therefore, always have a square of parking (with power outlet) available or live in an isolated House. Battery Exchange solutions are being explored by others charged in specialized centres (electrolineras?).

Apart from the where, there is also another problem with the recharging of the batteries: the time used to complete the load. It takes (or will take) between six and twelve hours in recharge it in a conventional power outlet. Some vehicles may be connected to a three-phase socket which will shorten the process up to 30 minutes, but, of course, who can provide easily from a three-phase socket? Anyway, half an hour is still a lot to wait in a charging station that “it fill us tank”, if someone thought this solution.

There are many other designs called “hybrids” that combine a diesel with electric engine, which gives it much greater autonomy, but it is no longer the model 100% electric which is promulgated by our Government.
The objective declared by Zapatero is to reach 250,000 fully electric vehicles in 2014. To do so, does not hesitate to subsidize this alternative with 590 million euros in 2011 and 2012 (for the other two years still no figures).
This grant is a cost to taxpayers of 8,400 euros per car. And here arises the incongruities of this plan: it is not hard to imagine that the first car manufacturer who places on the market a reliable, cheap and competitive electric car will be gold. Then, is it necessary to subsidize big brand plates for doing something which would in any case?

We will achieve this that these cars are manufactured here in Spain? Let’s hope so, because otherwise bad business will have done.