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Do you have ideas for new products? Become inventor

Maria Morrill is a young mother of four children who at first seems like any other New York Hispanic mother. The difference is that Maria is a serial inventor. This Dominican Puerto Rican father and an American mother has participated in more than 440 new product ideas.

One of his inventions is about to hit the shelves of major stores in the United States with the help of Quirky.com, a company dedicated to helping inventors worldwide realize their ideas become products without large capital, infrastructure or sophisticated engineers and designers.

The product invented by Maria is a clock that measures the time during which a person should brush his teeth and called Bobble BrushTimer (something like brushing timer spherical) and is equipped with a timer to mark the two minutes it takes for proper tooth brushing.

“The idea came to me because one of my children took very little time to brush and one is taking too long,”

Maria, 32 years old, is an inventor from very young because he says he would “rather stay in my room doing drawings and designs that play with the other children.” But their training is far from what we can imagine an inventor. Maria conducted Bible studies emphasizing secretariat for “to get a job,” he says.

Mary leaned Quriky.com, a company that was established in 2009 and seeks to “change the way that products reach the market,”, Tiffany Markofsky spokeswoman Quirky.com, a company based in New York City.
Quirky is a platform for creating open products where thousands of people around the world participate in the development of products. People develop your product idea and must pay a symbolic value of $ 10 and if the product is selected by a kind of global community of product development, start the development process with the help of people around the world participating in the idea from the development of a prototype to product name and marketing.

When the product hits the market and start selling the proceeds are distributed to all who participated in its development. Quirky.com have a system that determines the level of influence of each participant in the creation of a product.

Maria, for example, says he has participated in at least 440 products and so “and I get a few dollars a month that I used for gasoline and grocery shopping for my family,” .

According Markofsky, Quirky.com have 330.000 users worldwide, receives 2.000 product ideas per week and since its inception in 2009 has received 75,345 ideas. The company reaches 193 countries and has already sold 79 products.

Rise of inventors
U.S. produces thousands of inventors and inventions per year. According to the Patent and Trademark Office U.S. (USPTO.org), last year 258,000 patents were issued for new products, which represented an increase of 5.3% from the year 2011.

“This growth shows that innovation activity in the U.S. remains strong despite the economic crisis of recent years,” he told HuffPost Voices Elizabeth Dougherty, director of education inventors of the USPTO.

According to Dougherty, 80% of patents were issued to large corporations and the other 20% for small businesses and individuals.
The inventors, Dougherty says, should be alert to possible scams fake companies that can offer support for the process of turning ideas into real products. On the website of the patent office’s information devoted to possible scams and complaints before the Commission presentads federal States Trade undos (FTC).

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