Kamis, 06 Februari 2014

Inserting Ads on Google Adwords

In addition to advertising services from Sec Adpoint, there are alternatives other advertising services whose prices are relatively affordable. This service is called Adword provided by Google. This service can now be used by local businesses online.

Basically, Google Adwords is an advertising service for text; which will appear in search results on Google. The stage will need to be done to advertise on Google Adwords is as follows.

Relevant Text Ads
The first stage is to design a text that would we put on Google Adwords. Eg text ads www.bisniskaos.com example is as follows: “Facebook Shirt, T-Shirt Manchester United, and Other Cool Shirts. Wholesale Price. “Furthermore, we have to choose a variety of keywords we want. For example, bisniskaos.com choose some keywords such as: T-shirts, shirts online stores, selling shirts, design tshirt, Manchester United, Manchester United shirts, t-shirts wholesale, etc..

So when there are visitors who type the word “T-shirt store online” or “MU shirt” through Google, bisniskaos.com ad will appear along with the search results (to see how the kiosk display bisniskaos.com, please CLICK HERE). What is the text ads appear on the right side – side by side with the original search results by Google. Thus, the text ad bisniskaos.com has high relevance to what is sought by visitors Google. So the possibility of this text ad is clicked by visitors is also very high.

Even more important: a visitor clicks on the ad bisniskaos.com was most likely a high qualified visitors. This means that visitors are targeted – or visitors who do have the desire to buy a shirt. And it’s not just the visitors who stop by. Therefore, visitors from Google Adwords generally tend to have a greater likelihood to purchase products that we offer.

Pay Per Click Ads from Google Adwords
What is the price or cost of advertising on Google Adwords? From experience, the average cost per click is Rp 400, -. And good, the service Google Adwords gives kebebasarn us to determine how our advertising budget per day. For example, we set our advertising budget per day is $ 40 thousand. With the cost per click of around Rp 400; then in one day we can capture about 100 visitors to come to our online web business (Rp 40 thousand divided by USD 400). If we put a higher budget, of course we can get the number of visitors obtained.

Google AdWords is certainly one of the alternative media is that we can consider. Hopefully we can recruit high qualified web visitors to come to our online business. And then be able to capture buyers in large numbers. In the end we can get a greater profit.

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