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Sound File Format (Audio)

MP3 (MPEG Audio Player 3)
Discovered in 1992, is first compressed audio files that have good quality and small size, ie by removing the parts that sound can not be heard by the human ear. MP3 files will be mengkonfersi file to 12:1, eg size was 30 MB, so it can shrink the MP3 to 2.5 MB.

The difference with the MP3 is MP3Pro have a lower bit rate that is 64 bit.

Ogg Vorbis
These files are smaller than MP3, so saving bandwidth and storage media and have a better quality than MP3. Developed in open source by Chris Montgomery.

AAC (Advanced Audio Coding)
Ten years since the invention of the MP3, MP4 often called. Apples are the most diligent vendors use this licensed sound files. Apples are also form developer of this AAC file that can run on iTunes, QuickTime 6, iPod, and so on.

WAV (Wave)
Created by Microsoft that standard form audio files in both PC operating system, or any other game. With a standard Audio CD quality, do not be surprised if the size is large.

WMA (Windows Media Audio)
Microsoft introduced by pad on 1990, but the prestige lost with the MP3. WMA has the advantage of protecting the audio file. He can not be played or copied in vain. These files use the bit rate of 128 Kbps and not all audio players can execute it, his partner is Media Player (from Windows as well).

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