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The remote control that Harry Potter would use

Already is no longer being silly and that some will accuse me of sponsored advertising (now me I would like to live in this), but is that this gadget seems to me one of the most curious and original gadgets that have come on the market in recent times.

They just released into the Spanish market (apparently in other countries already carries certain marketed time) the URC newest since Philippe Starck dared to put a touch of art to these tackle: is a reproduction of the magic wand of Harry Potter.
As you can see in photographs, this remote control does not a miserable button. How change the channel or turn the volume down? Because like Harry Potter would do it: moving the wand.
According to the advertising, the wand (it is called Wand Kymera) can be programmed up to thirteen other controls using infrared codes and run them through thirteen gestures or movements default due to its motion sensors. Once taken out of its box and after a small phase of learning, the wand partner every move that is made to a particular function. As a result, we can handle with her all kinds of devices, from the TV to air conditioning, music equipment, multimedia hard disks, some computers and a Blu-Ray player.
Like? Since getting into the skin of the footballer Harry Potter: to raise or lower the volume of any appliance, we give you turns to the wand from left to right; to change the channel, move through the menus or open Teletext, short top touches down or from left to right; to turn off the TV or stereo, nothing better than a decided hit of wand forward back.
wand Kymera comes packaged in a curious box whose exterior has a series wanting to imitate the skin of a dragon and its interior is lined with a fabric similar to the silk brocade Chinese Golden dragons embroidered on red background.
Cheap is not precisely: its price will be around 60 euros, although if the goal we pursue is to make an original gift, we will hardly find something with this price.
It comes with complete instructions of use (that mimic an old parchment) but, I’m afraid, this will be one of its biggest drawbacks: if it is already difficult to hit the buttons to change the channel by pressing little buttons, imagine remembering the right wrist movement that run it.
Good. At least it will be fun to see the faces of the users on the remote control. Remember not to take the tongue to move the wand.

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